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不停逾越与探索 精工细作--意欧斯上海办公室

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“设计是拒绝任何规则与范例的,本质就是不停的逾越与探索。”With the essence of keeping transcending and exploring, Design rejects any rules and model.意欧斯是行业领先的物流科技公司,总部位于上海,公司建立于2008年,一站式全方位的为用户设计提供涵盖从周转箱到托盘自动化解决方案、货到人技术、AGV物料搬运、智能软件和机械人拣选方案等,从小型的物流自动化系统到大型庞大智能立体堆栈以及庞大订单履约配送中心,为客户提供定制化服务;公司拥有近5万平方米制造基地和工程中心,数百人焦点技术团队,专利总数凌驾300项,为各行各业计划建设自动化项目100余个。Headquartered in Shanghai, Eoslift is one of the pioneers in the area of logistics technology. Established in 2008, the company designs and provides customers with one-stop all-around solutions including a series of services, such as container and pallet automation,AGV material handling,Intelligent Software,robot picking. Besides, Eoslift provides customized services through small-scale logistics automatic system, large-scale complex intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, complex order distribution center.Eoslift has a manufacturing base and engineering center of nearly 50,000 square meters, a core technical team of hundreds of people, more than 300 patents, and more than 100 automation projects for various industries.项目名称:意欧斯上海办公室Project name:EOS Shanghai Office项目地址:上海Project location: Shanghai项目时间:2020Project time: 2020项目面积:2300平方米Project area:2300 sq.m项目设计施工:璞勒仕Project design and construction: PLUSspace前厅Lobby从电梯厅出来的前厅,集中了接待和期待的功效。


洁净简约的色调展示了的形象。沙发区色彩跳跃和一旁的蓝色企业LOGO让人们卸下了“严肃”、放松了心情。Walking past the elevator hall,you will find the lobby which can facilitate reception and waiting. The clean and simple hue represent the image of Eoslift. Lively colored lounges and the blue logo of Eoslift help visitors relieve themselves from solemness and relax.过道Passage放射状灯带延续至空间四周极具视觉打击力,消息联合、张弛有度,转达着空间的动感和大气。

整排靠窗阅读区,好像置身于图书馆般的安宁。The radial light strips extending to the surrounding space create a great visual impact. Through association of activity and inertia, the well-balanced lights convey the dynamism and magnificence of the space. The whole row of reading areas by the window make you feel like in a tranquil library.开放式办公区Open Office Area功效单一的工位正被扬弃。优秀的办公空间应该提供高效的事情情况。


为了清晰的划分出各个部门,设计团队赋予它们差别的色彩和特点。确保员工在各自的工位上保持独立办公又能兼顾协同事情。Single-function workstations are being abandoned. Excellent office space should facilitate high efficient working.To clearly divide various working departments, the design team of PLUSspace has used different colors and created features,making sure that staffs can achieve coordination while having independent space.开放办公区打破了传统的办公情况,随时相同无障碍,开启高效与人性化办公新模式。

打破关闭,开阔的视野和舒适的办公椅,纾解事情的疲惫,犬牙交错的线条对空间自由支解,构建出的简约造型和光影效果让空间在错综的线条中无限延伸。Breaking the mould of traditional work environment, the open office area enables instant communication, starting a new mode of high efficient and humanized office. The wide view and comfortable chairs help relieve fatigue from work. The well-proportioned lines divide the space freely, creating simple profile and optical effects which allow the space to extend infinitely in the intricate lines.集会室Meeting Room整个办公区域共设置了差别区域的集会室,空间结构合理,能让员工可在短时间内快速聚集到场集会,另外,富足的集会室可省去“抢占”集会室的烦恼。The well-arranged meeting rooms in the office area enable staffs to gather quickly in a short time to attend a meeting. What’s more, the sufficient meeting rooms make the preemption of meeting rooms a thing of the past.。